Who we are

Iris Pro Bem Viver is a not-for-profit organization which seeks to bring people together online and offline to create pathways toward global regeneration.

We are part of a growing movement on the planet seeking to harmonize human activity with nature through cultural work, education, conversation, and the arts.

We honor nature, cherish peace and celebrate difference.


A transcultural movement which seeks to recover ancestral, mythological and symbolic understanding to promote a sense of human unity that serves the calling of Bem Viver.


To encourage interrelating between cultures, mythologies, traditions and worldviews through in-person as well as online Festivals to promote deeper dialogue and contribute to the building of more sustainable, inclusive, egalitarian and resilient societies.

To inspire new solutions to global challenges in the face of the uncertainty following the COVID-19 pandemic, in recognizing the importance of culture (both material and immaterial), creativity, spirituality, philosophy, wisdom and systems of local and communitary knowledge.

Valorizar a arte e a criatividade como partes integrantes de agendas públicas mais amplas como meios de promover a coesão social, a saúde, o bem-estar, o meio ambiente e os direitos humanos.

To act in support of the United Nations‘ SDG 16 which calls to promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies.



Creative Leaders

Connie Lopes

Natasha Llerena

Nikita Llerena

Our story

Culture was always in our home, a place full of music, art, books and people from around the world.

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Fiscal Council

Felippe Llerena

Brazilian businessman from the independent music industry; operates in distribution models of digital content and in the audience growth and monetization of record labels and independent artists on digital platforms.

James Rubio

James Rubio is an executive with more than 30 years of experience in the C-Level of big companies, such as Credicard, Mastercard, TIM and Samsung; dedicated to cultural projects that transform the not-for-profit space.

Maria Luzia Raphael

Accountant, auditor, accounting expert, 35 years of dedication to her professional field.

Advisory Board

Bela Gil

Activist for healthy foods and conscious eating, writer and TV presenter.

Claudio Miranda

Musician, entrepreneur and co-founder of the Favela da Paz Institute (São Paulo).

Dira Paes

Actress, presenter, writer and activist.

Flaira Ferro

Artist, activist and educator from Pernambuco.

Flora Gil

Empresária, diretora da Gege Produções, empreendedora, produtora cultural e conselheira/guardiã do nosso instituto.

Jimena Paratcha

Artista e ativista, conecta culturas indígenas brasileiras com o Reino Unido, é parceira da Aldeia Akasha (RJ), guardiã do TreeSisters (UK) e co-fundadora do Medicine Festival (UK).

José Roberto Marinho

Businessman, ecologist and president of Roberto Marinho Foundation.

Marcello Dantas

Artistic director, curator and a main figure working at the convergence of art and technology in Brazil

Marcelo Gleiser

Astrophysicist, writer, professor at Dartmouth College and winner of the Templeton and Jabuti prizes.

Paula Cesarino Costa

Journalist, member of advisory board of Agência Pública, ombudsman and diversity editor at the newspaper Folha de São Paulo, where she worked for 30 years.

Watatakalu Yawalapiti

Artisan, activist and indigenous leader of the Xingu community.

Art & Design

Rico Lins

Award-winning designer, illustrator and educator, for the last three decades working in Paris, London, New York, Rio and São Paulo.

We are a not-for-profit and rely on donations from individuals and groups to further our work. Your support is fundamental to build this movement together.