Iris is a movement for pausing, for leaving, for returning.

An opportunity for reflection and for strengthening ourselves to traverse the great seas of change in our time.

A call to generate a deeper understanding of the laws that govern life.

We are all parts of a single living organism, we are connected in an unavoidable way.

The exploitation of the Earth is reflected in our social life, the violence of which runs downstream of the separation of human beings from nature, from their communities, and themselves.

These are wounds that need to be felt and cared for collectively in order to sustain a process of systemic regeneration.

We invite music, poetry, ceremony, prayer, and mythology into being to access deeper levels of existence. Art transcends mere reality and allows us to reforest the monocultural desertification of our imagination — the first step to be taken in order for new collective dreams to emerge.

The dreams are a utopia to be built and a reality to be explored. It is a time to produce imaginaries that weave ancestral knowledge with novel technology, recovering values of community and creating new models of statehood, society, economy and culture.

We believe in the power of a revolution that is:

Silent, living in the heart of each individual.

Sacred, considering spiritual dimensions of human experience.

Systemic, including all in the process of transformation.

Social-biocentric, breathing in communion with the cycles of nature, perceiving ourselves as a thread in the great web of life.

Celebratory, having a sense of enchantment and love as our foremost guides.

As a messenger, the goddess Iris announces her arrival through a colorful portal which symbolizes the integration of heaven and earth. She does not provide the answers, but reveals a pathway by traveling which we can together explore the most important questions of our era.

For this, we need courage. Courage so that fear, complexity and dissonance do not arrest us in the traps of ego – but that we are freed from narrow individualism to better serve the whole.

We are being invoked to dive into a profound abyss in order to be able to see anew and propel transformation.

The invitation is to transgress the boundaries of what we believe is possible, and in this way, to regenerate the poetics of existence that sustains the organization of practical life.

We are one body in movement
Knots of one great web
Weaving a new time